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Blunn & Company is an international leader in online IR consulting

We help companies build effective online IR programs. We are website strategists, information architects, and content advisors and producers.

Our work in online IR communications is widely recognized as the benchmark for international best practice. We have access to an ongoing research program that provides us with strategic intelligence on worldwide practices in every aspect of online IR.

Blunn & Company is independent so we work side-by-side with you to direct your web developers and site hosting services on the unique requirements for your Web communications. We can also develop custom site content or build best practice IR websites that fit with your company's technical requirements.

For companies that have established online IR programs, Blunn & Company provides a comprehensive suite of IR website audits. These help companies improve the effectiveness of their online communications through practical advice, peer analysis and best practice examples.

We serve companies of all sizes, industries and nationalities. Our online IR services fit a wide range of needs and budgets.

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Investor perceptions audit


IR Website Audits - the surest way to a better IR website.


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