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We bring a fresh, expert approach to your IR website building and renovation projects

Blunn & Company works with you to build a customized IR or corporate website that communicates your company's message credibly, consistently and efficiently to all of its stakeholders.

We can use your existing suppliers and vendors or recommend different ones. We do not accept payment from suppliers for refering business to them. This keeps our recommendations free from conflict and puts your interests first.

We build fully custom-made sites, outsourced solutions or special hybrids. Our recommendations to you are based on what's most appropriate for your company based on our extensive knowledge of industry best practices.

What we can do for you

  • We can direct all aspects of the site project to achieve clearly defined objectives. These are set out at the start of the project in a formal website strategy. The strategy document guides every aspect of your site's development.

  • Working with either your existing vendors or ones we've recommended to you, we develop an architecture and content plan for your site.

  • For larger projects we develop a complete prototype of the proposed site. This is used as the blueprint for further site development and allows you to see what content your site needs and how it must be organized and presented.

  • We provide direction to your vendors throughout the development of the graphic design, coding and programming of your site. We can also provide content recommendations and services, including editing the entire site and testing it prior to launch.

  • When your site is live, we can advise you periodically of new services, practices and concepts that can improve your site and keep it relevant and current. We also provide a wide range of best practice content services for such value-added content as corporate governance sections, Interactive MD&As, financial performance sections and online annual reports.

How you benefit from working with us

  • Having Blunn & Company consult on your IR website project ensures that you don't waste money on a poor website design. It is an investment in your company's reputation and the effectiveness of your communications with your stakeholders.

  • We have worked with large companies developing complete corporate websites, as well as smaller companies with less elaborate needs. We bring the same strategic and intelligent approach to every project.

  • Getting us in on your website improves the return on investment in your company"s most important communications channel with external and internal audiences. We also are able to identify cost savings by helping you choose the right services and vendors at the right price.

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