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We employ experienced journalists and communicators who know the media and can tell your story

With retail investor audiences growing and the sheer volume of information expanding every year, it has become more important - and difficult - to get worthwhile media coverage. If your story is good, media attention can distinguish you from the crowd. If your story is bad, you need to be able to balance it, and maintain your credibility in the best way possible. Good or bad, understanding how the media shapes the views of your suppliers, customers and investors is critical to your success.

magazine spreadBlunn & Company understands the media from the inside. Our senior consultants have had more than 30 years experience in business journalism around the world. We know the process and we understand the stories.

We will help you build relationships with key media and influencers. We will ensure your messages are clear and appropriate. We will build your profile, step by step, for all your audiences.



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IR Website Audits - the surest way to a better IR website.


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