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Make sure your annual report is delivering your message effectively

The Internet. Retail investors. New disclosure standards. Rapid changes are making it difficult to keep up with annual report trends and the expectations of investors.

At Blunn & Company, we've published exhaustive research on annual report best practices and trends since 1991. We bring a rich perspective and unique expertise on the effectiveness of annual report messages, disclosure and formats, whether it's a simple black and white document or a glossy work of art.

Our Annual Report Audit team includes the most seasoned professionals in the business. We are former senior financial journalists, annual report award judges and authors of books on business and personal finance. We've written hundreds of annual reports and spoken at conferences and seminars across the country.

We've even written the definitive book on the subject: The Annual Report / IR Website Idea Book.

What the Audit delivers
Each Annual Report Audit is individually designed and can include:

  • Benchmarking against the reports of your peers and other. leaders in financial reporting.
  • A page-by-page review of content.
  • Comments from buy- and sell-side analysts who follow your company.
  • Dozens of ideas and recommendations for improving your report format and content.

Some of the questions the Audit answers:

  • How effectively are your messages being delivered?
  • How does the report compare to its peer group?
  • Is the writing clear?
  • Is the report well organized?
  • How does corporate disclosure compare to other companies in your industry?
  • How can the report be made more effective?

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